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This book is a great addition to your library, whether it’s used in a public or parochial school classroom or in your own library. Although it is a children’s book, many of the concepts apply to adult behavior as well.

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Can You Decide? | A children’s book about bullying

Written by Mary Ann Dixon, OP

Illustrated by Laura Rangos

This book for children is an attempt to provide insight into behavior. It tries to affirm the children who cope with life; it attempts to empower children who think they are helpless, and it challenges those who treat other children badly.

Bullying is a serious behavioral pattern and can create a sense of helplessness in the victim. Empowerment is the goal. This book can provide a teachable moment about life’s disappointments, but clearly there are times when professional intervention is required.

We are grateful to the education professionals, especially Katie and Lorna, who offered us the benefit of their experience and wisdom.

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